The Diddleys Train seen on the 13th May 2006 © P.Scott




Brooklands Miniature Railway 10 ¼ inch

The Brooklands Miniature Railway originally opened in 1965 as a 9.5 inch gauge line which ran in an end to end formation on the west end of the lake at the pleasure park. Trains were pulled by an American Outline steam engine or petrol engine. The line was later converted to 10 inch gauge and was also extended around the whole lake, making a circuit. For a while, trains were operated by Severn Lamb 'Western Comet', but after a recent change in ownership, the trains are now pulled by a Diddly themed train.

Address: Brooklands Pleasure Park, East Worthing, West Sussex
Telephone: 07967 361847
Operator: K.McCluskey
Line Length: 1000 yards Circular
First opened: 1965
Brooklands Miniature Railway Website

S/O 4-4wPH



Opening Times: Daily throughout the year. Trains run from 10:30am to 5pm in summer, and 11am to 4:30pm in Winter.

Fares: Unknown

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