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Coalyard Miniature Railway 7 ¼ inch

The line first opened in 1988 at the Severn Valley Railway’s Kidderminster Station, originally constructed as a 100 metre long dual gauge railway of5” and 3 ½” gauge, to allow operation of a 5” King Class Locomotive and a 3 ½” Hall class locomotive which were on loan to the railway. A new 7 ¼” gauge track laid using heavy duty Aluminium rail was laid adjacent in 1990. This line was gradually extended until it reached the far end of the car park. After a short while, the original line was removed to make way for a new walkway from the SVR’s car park to the station alongside the current track. The railway got its name from a coal merchant who used to operate alongside the terminus station until he left the site in 2004. The line is approximately 500 yards long with a new extension recently opened. The line is parallel and close to the main SVR running tracks which at times allows parallel running between the miniature railway locomotives and SVR locomotives. Operation is usually with petrol or battery powered locomotives, however steam locomotives do run on occasions. Coaching stock is a mixture of sit astride and sit in coaches, with a rake of narrow gauge wagons in addition.

Address: Coalyard Miniature Railway, Severn Valley Railway Station, Kidderminster
Telephone: 01562 744667
Operator: Coalyard Miniature Railway MES
Line Length: 500yd End to End
First opened: 1988
No website
Locomotives - Details will be put up soon

Opening Times: Most Weekends and School Holidays

Fares: 60p for all

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