Pickie Puffer waits for custom on the 31st July 2011 © P.Scott






Pickie Family Fun Park Railway 7 ¼ inch 

The Pickie Family Fun Park Railway nicknamed 'Pickie Puffer' first opened in 1993 and runs for 400 yards at this seafront fun park. The journey from the station, which is situated halfway down the straight, takes passengers round the balloon loop which encircles an adventure playground, and back through the station and tunnel/shed to a run-round loop, where trains turn, and complete their journey back to the station. Trains were originally made up of Severn Lamb stock, but this has recently been replaced by an similar train built by Cromar White.

Address: Pickie Family Fun Park, Seafront, Bangor, North Down
Telephone: 027 9127 0069
Operator: North Down Borough Council

Line Length: 400 yards, Balloon
First opened: 1993

Website: Pickie Family Fun Park Railway Website


Pickie Puffer
S/O 2-4-2DH
Cromar White



Opening Times: Daily from April to September from 9am until 9pm (June - Sept) or 7:30pm (April & May).

Fares: £2 Adults, £1.50 Children

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