The 1988 SL loco seen in Canada Quay Station in 2009 © C.Peake

1988 SL loco in use on a passenger train © C.Peake



Twinlakes Park Railway 15 inch 

Also known as the 'Iron Moose Express' the line first opened in 2008 and runs for 1km through the grounds of Twinlakes Park. Trains depart from Canada Quay Station, where there is a shelter and turntable and pass the twin lakes which give the park its title, before reaching the balloon loop. On the loop, another station 'Imoogi Dragon' is currently under construction, where evntually passengers have the choice to alight before returning to Canada Quay Station. The track and equipment here was formally used at the American Adventure Theme Park.

Address: Twinlakes Park, Melton Spinney Rd, Melton Mowbray, Leices, LE14 4SB
Telephone: 01664 567777
Operator: Twinlakes Park

Line Length: 1km, Balloon Loop
First opened: 2008

Website: Twinlakes Park Railway Website

Park Entry Fee

S/O 2-6-0DH
Severn Lamb
S/O 2-6-0DH
Severn Lamb




Opening Times: Daily throughout the year except 24th - 27th December, from 10am.

Fares: Adults & Children £10.99, Senior £6.35. Please note that adults are not permitted unless accompanied by children of 14 years or under.

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